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alaska lottery

Alaska Lottery Proposed

Governor Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation proposing a lottery. This comes after major budget cuts by Dunleavy last year. A state…

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federal budget cut

Alaska Federal Cuts

According to the 2021 $4.8 trillion budget from the Trump administration there will be numerous cuts to Alaska programs. One…

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Cold weather shelter moving

The City and Borough of Juneau will be moving its cold weather seasonal shelter to the Juneau Arts and Culture…

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online police reports

Online Police Reports

Commencing February 26, the Juneau Police Department will require people to go online and file a report when reporting certain…

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microsoft with alaska

Alliance with Microsoft

The State of Alaska has entered into a Digital Alliance with the Microsoft Corporation. This will form the basis of…

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Panic Buying unnecessary

People across Alaska have been panic buying and putting a strain on store supplies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Store…

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Task Force for economy

The Mayor’s Economic Stabilization Task Force has created a subcommittee to focus on a rental assistance package for residents impacted…

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Governor includes abortion

Alaska state senators Tom Begich and Jesse Kiehl have said the inclusion of surgical abortions by the state’s medical officer…

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CBJ to Level 3

The City and Borough of Juneau announced through a press release that their goal is to develop and maintain a…

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walter-harper day

Walter Harper Day

A bill was unanimously passed last week by the Alaska Senate making June 7, Walter Harper Day. Walter Harper was…

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