Juneau Hotel tax

juneau hotel tax

In an October municipal election voters approved an increase to the City and Borough of Juneau hotel/motel tax. The 2% increase from 7% to 9% will take effect from January 1, 2020.

The extra money will be used to fund capital improvements for Centennial Hall or to assist paying for Centennial Hall related debt. According to city documents the hotel/motel tax has not been raised in 30 years. A similar increase was suggested last year to help pay  for the new Juneau Arts & Culture Center but did not pass.

In addition to the 9% hotel/motel tax CBJ also requires a 5% sales tax to be collected. Short term vacation rental operators are also required to collect the 9% hotel/motel tax
as well as the 5% sales tax. Airbnb and Vrbo makes provision for hosts to charge the appropriate taxes at the time of booking.