Alliance with Microsoft

microsoft with alaska

The State of Alaska has entered into a Digital Alliance with the Microsoft Corporation. This will form the basis of several strategic initiatives between Microsoft and the State of Alaska.

Modernizing State information technology and establishing training and skills development programs is just one of the initiatives. This alliance will allow greater data security and improved business agility as well as promote more broadband access in rural Alaskan communities. Microsoft will also support educational opportunities for young Alaskans with a focus on girls to encourage more women to join the high-tech industry. Young girls will be exposed to robotics, coding and app development among others.

Alaska Department of Administration Commisisiomer Kelly Tshibaka said, “this new partnership advances Governor Dunleavy’s priority of developing jobs and the economy by helping to improve digital skills for Alaska’s students and promoting broadband access for our rural, native communities. It will also significantly advance our efforts to modernize the State’s IT practices and strengthen our cyber security”.