New House District 25

Mel Gillis has been appointed by Governor Dunleavy for the vacancy created in Alaska House District 25. The seat was vacated by Josh Revak who was appointed to fill the vacant Senate District M seat after the untimely passing of Sen. Chris Burch. Governor Dunleavy chose Gillis from a list of theee candidates selected by the Republican leaders of House District 25.

Governor Dunleavy said, “the three candidates selected by the Republican leadership of House District 25 and forwarded to me for consideration were all very capable and talented individuals. Each of them possess significant leadership experience and strong insights about the key issues that concern the voters in House District 25”.

Gillis has owned and operated a hunting and fishing guide business since 1970. “Mr Gillis is a stalwart pioneer of our great state. He is a common sense, hardworking Alaskan that cares immensely about the state that he helped build. He raised a family here and now enjoys spending time with his grandchildren”, said Governor Dunleavy.

The appointment of Mr Gillis will now be considered by the Republicans serving in the Alaska House of Representatives before he can be sworn in.