Panic Buying unnecessary

People across Alaska have been panic buying and putting a strain on store supplies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Store owners are confident shipments will not be disrupted and are urging people to stop overbuying, saying there is no food shortage however panic buying is causing empty shelves and long lines in stores.

This is something Governor Mike Dunleavy addressed during a press conference Monday speaking about two groups of people in Alaska, one that is unconcerned by the virus and still gathering in large groups. He urged these people to take this pandemic more seriously.

Dunleavy said, “the other group of Alaskans l want to address are the folks that are very very concerned by the virus, so much so that they are shopping and buying things to prepare themselves for two to three months without additional shopping. We’ve been told that our supply chains will be maintained, that there will be enough goods to purchase in our markets, in our stores. So we don’t have to buy a large amount of items at one time”. Alaska’s maritime companies are confident shipments will not be disrupted by the virus.